Private Group Class

One Foot in the Wild 5 Day Wilderness Survival Class
January 14-18

Here’s an Overview of Our Training

Bob has done his best keep the pricing of this training affordable for most people. His philosophy is that money should not be a barrier to learning wilderness living skills.

Within this 5 Day Wilderness Survival Training, we’ll cover a multitude of things (some of which are not listed on this page). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Basic First-Aid and Self-Aid methodologies. We want to ensure you can prevent serious injury, illness, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, dehydration, frostbite, insect irritations and bites, snakebites, blisters and more. You’ll also learn to aid in and dress minor wounds.
  • Basic Compass and Land Navigation. You would be hard pressed to self-rescue (which is what we recommend) if you can’t find where you need to get to!
  • We’ll discuss and commit to memory the priorities of survival in a wilderness location. You will be tasked in being able to explain the importance and necessity of each.
  • Attitude is key in ANY emergency situation. This wilderness training dives deep into maintaining a positive, productive attitude while avoiding panic and increasing morale for your group.
  • We will create scenarios where you will then be able to describes the plan of action you would take to survive multiple, wilderness and weather conditions (this will include cold climate/ winter weather, damp/ wet forest conditions, hot and dry conditions in arid climates, high wind conditions in mountain or open ground terrain, and near or on the water’s edge conditions.
  • You will be expected to know the components of a proper, personal survival kit and be well versed in explaining the use of each item in your kit (including multi-use items).
  • We will cover 4-5 fire lays and at least 5 different fire lighting methods both man made methods and primitive methods.
  • We will cover self-rescue methods of gaining the attention of others to aid in your recovery. These include up to 6 ground-to-air signals, using a signal mirror on your compass (We use the Suunto MC2 compass), 7 methods of attracting attention without the use of signaling devices and how to turn your shelter into an emergency signal device.
  • You will learn at least 3 natural shelters and construct at least 1 natural shelter that you will spend the last night in! These shelters have little, to no negative impact on the surrounding environment and can be deconstructed easily, while allowing you to spend very little calories in the construction of the shelters.
  • You will be tasked in explaining how you can protect yourself against predators, insects, poisonous plants and more. There is no need to add injury to a survival scenario, so we want to ensure you can verbally demonstrate this critical information.
  • Bob will be demonstrating 5 ways to filter and prepare water for consumption. You will then duplicate Bob’s water preparation methods in real time. Also, Bob will be showing you multiple ways to collect water…even if you are in a salt water scenario!
  • Junk on the Bunk and Cover: In this lecture, Bob will be discussing proper clothing you should be considering for multiple types of weather and climates. You will then empty your packs and discuss what you have, what you should have and what you would add or take away in different scenarios. Finally, Bob will demonstrate different types of cover, other than clothing, that is easy to pack or manufacture from nature.
  • We will discuss plants, wild edibles and hunting/ trapping scenarios and why these things are to be avoided during a 5 Day Wilderness Survival situation.
  • We will also be covering basic lashes, knots, camp craft, knife and tool safety and more.
  • Other items not mentioned on this list were likely mentioned in the video or will be discussed at the training dependent upon natural resources and environment.
  • Finally, we will lecture and do a Q&A session on applying your kit and new found knowledge to everyday scenarios, outside of a wilderness environment.

The One Foot in the Wild 5 Day Wilderness Survival class takes a survival situation and turns into a simple, inconvenient camping activity. We want attendees to feel they will always be safe in any situation.

When you attend Bob’s classes, you will find the instruction is intricate, friendly and fun while learning real world, life saving skills that you can always rely upon and easily practice.

The price for this training is $575 per person and each person must bring the required gear listed below (When you pay $997, Bob will put your basic gear together for you and you just bring the extras!), as well as food for 5 days, clothing appropriate for the weather in the area (this includes proper footwear. we recommend boots that can hold up to water and mud) and any medications or first-aid kit you find necessary. You will also need a tent that requires a small foot print that is easy up and down, as well as your sleep system.

  • We do recommend a good pair of leather gloves as well.
  • Groups can be no more than 40 attendees total.

Active Military Receives a 20% off discount. Simply Use the Coupon Code: PATRIOT at checkout on the next page.

For more information, email Bob at

Here is the gear list and a link where you can obtain it through Amazon. Bob will make between 4-6% commission from some of the items through that link…this helps with the cost of maintaining and updating our website and web security to be fortunate enough to provide great training and information for you!

Total when Purchased Through My Influencer Page on Amazon: $527.23 does not include shipping on some items.

Listed prices may vary, we do not control this!

You may substitute some items on this list for things you already have…just keep in mind that if you don’t have certain items you likely won’t be able to participate in some activities.

Click Here for the “One Foot in the Wild 72 Hour Basic Survival Training Gear”

NOTE: Although that list is called the 72 Hour Basic list… it’s still the same basic gear we use. If some of the items are not available, search Amazon or Google to find it in another listing.

Shappy 4 Pieces Leather Stitching Needle


Marbles Single Bit Axe


Marbles Axe Blade Cover MR10SL


Tinder-Quik Refill


Outdoor Flint Starter Carbon Steel fire Striker Kit


Gorilla Duct Tape 1″ roll (Another 3″ roll would help as well!)


Victorinox Swiss Army RangerGrip 79 Multi-tool Pocket Knife


Bahco Pg-72 Folding Pruning Saw ORANGE!


Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System


Carlyle Lugols Iodine 2 Percent 2 fl oz Twin Pack


Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp


OUTDOOR Paracord Planet Mil-Spec Commercial Grade 550lb Type III Nylon Paracord 25 feet


Catahoula Manufacturing no. 36 Tarred Twisted Bank Line, 1 Pound Spool (Approx. 470 feet)


ORANGE Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf (Get 3 of These!!! )

$11.99 each

Morakniv Garberg Fixed Blade Knife


Multifunction Military Camouflage Portable Emergency Rain Poncho, Hooded Ripstop Raincoat


Pathfinder Bottle and Nesting Cup Set (RECOMMEND 2 SETS OF THESE!)


Bayite 6 Inch X 1/2 Inch Ferro Rod


UST Survival Blanket/Tarp 2.0 (YOU NEED 2 OF THESE!)


SUUNTO MC2 Compass


Wardog Surplus Military Pace Count Beads


DISCLAIMER: There are no refunds on classes. All attendees are expected to show up on time for registration. All attendees will be required to bring with them a printed and signed liability waiver or will not be permitted to attend the class! This waiver will be given to your group leader and each member of your party is to have their own printed and signed copy before the beginning of registration!

Attendees must be 14 years of age or older. All minors must be accompanied by a designated adult guardian. All minors not accompanied by a parent must have a permission slip from their legal guardian!

For those who experience injury or health issues during the course of the class, Bob will do everything to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable however, if you are just not able to continue with the class you will be asked to go home. We care about your health and safety.

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