Preparedness for the Average Person: Part 1 Hazard | Emergency | Disaster

By on October 11, 2019


Depending where you are in North America, or the world for that matter, preparedness is not about being a dooms-dayer or prepper…

…preparedness is about self-reliance, being ready for any situation and knowing how to identify the different types of situations that require prior preparation.

In This First Part, of Our “Preparedness for the Average Person” Video Series, We’re Going to Discuss Hazards, Emergencies and Disasters.

We’ll go over the differences between the three and where you should start with “prepping” and prioritizing in and around your home.

In a later video, we’ll cover different types of kits and supplies, but in this video we are going to keep it simple so you can get started as soon as you finish this video!

You can find the Fire Masks we Discussed Under Our “One Foot in the Wild” Influencer section called Self-Aid and Medical. You can find the emergency 100 gallon emergency water “Bath Tub” bag under the Water Filtration section. Simply Click this Paragraph and the Link Will Open in a New Window!

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