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One Foot in the Wild Member Video Channels
One Foot in the Wild Member Video Channels

Over at the One Foot in the Wild Facebook Group, we have many skilled members who share their knowledge regularly.

Thankfully, these fine folks have started their own YouTube channels.

You see, One Foot in the Wild wasn’t created to be the “Everything Bob Wayne Jaeger” platform…this is about community and sharing skills.

Click the name of their channels below to subscribe!

DISCLAIMER: All YouTube channel owners retain the rights to their content and images. Standard Copyright Terms Apply!

In No Particular Order (All Links Open in New Tab):

One Foot in The Wild

Bob Wayne Jaeger

Self-Reliance is about more than survival, bushcraft, prepping and self-defense. It’s about an inner confidence and preparedness that other Self-Reliance Channels don’t discuss.

Join Bob Wayne Jaeger as he shows and teaches you how to be more Self-Reliant in your life and join a growing community of passion driven, self-sufficient men and women from around the world…all while keeping One Foot in the Wild at all times!

Mitten State Bushcraft

Rob Gray

Whether you call it bushcraft, woodcraft or just camping, we hope to get people outside enjoying the outdoors.

We’ll share how-to’s, information, gear reviews and let you join in our bushcraft adventures.

Bushcraft is acquiring and using the skills to thrive in the natural environment. We’ll cover firecraft, shelter building, land navigation, primitive weapons, survival skills, outdoor cooking and much, much more.

Chesapeake Wilderness Skills

Glenn Shaffstall “Eeyore”

Backpacking, Hiking, Bushcraft, Primitive Skills.

SRK Outdoors

Jack “The Self-Reliance Kid”

My name is Jack I am 15 years old and I am The Self Reliance Kid. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, and bushcrafting, I am also a Boy Scout with hopes of earning the rank of Eagle Scout. On my channel I would like to share videos of the things I like to do as well as videos from my favorite channels.

Wild Revival Outdoors

Blayne Petty

Fishing, hunting, learning and doing the outdoors thing, while sharing conversation and skills.

Jamie L Burleigh

Jamie L. Burleigh

Wilderness Skills Instructor, Jamie L. Burleigh, shares primitive and survival skills with a down home charm like none other.

Survivor Metal Man

Torren Wolf

This channel is about the outdoors, focusing on guns, survival, bushcraft, gear, gear reviews and general good fun, and sprinkled in with a little Heavy Metal music. And bands I have played in.

Key to Survival

Parker Geurin

This channel is about the Key to Surviving in the wilderness! I cover Survival skills, Self reliance, Bushcraft, Prepping

Burning River Bushcraft

Jamie Boggs

Bushcraft, Survival, Self Reliance, Homesteading, Hunting, Trapping, Fishing with Jamie Boggs

Beaver Creek Woodcraft

Matt Justice

Woodcraft and the Art of Wilderness Living

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