About One Foot In The Wild

Spanning back decades, my family has been immersed with sharing woodsy knowledge with those who wish to enjoy the wilderness.

From those who came straight from the Jaeger family village in East Germany, to my great grand father who was a Shaker and his brother Ellsworth Jaeger who wrote “Wild Wood Wisdom” and many other classic outdoors books…it’s just in the blood.

About a year ago, my friend Jamie Burleigh inspired me to launch “One Foot in the Wild” and I did as a tribute to our friendship and his previous “One Foot INTO the Wild”.

It’s been interesting to say the least.

From a YouTube Channel which is growing rapidly, to a recently launched Facebook group and a canvas product line I’m currently developing for the traditional woodsman who wants some modern spin to their gear.

Amazon has even invited us to have an Influencer shop, so I can share things I use and recommend that are affordable and of the highest quality.

It won’t be long until this site is populated with stellar tutorials, videos and more to aid in your path toward the way of the wilderness and woodsman.

…and expect much much more in the future.

Thank You and Get Out and Grab Some Dirt Time My Friend!

Bob Wayne Jaeger

Creator of One Foot in the Wild